Friday, October 9, 2015

free verse

a kite will not fly without
     a tether

shared linguistic roots bind
    ‘free’ and ‘friend’

     and ‘friend’ came first

to be free is only to choose the bonds
     with which
     we will live

without tethers
     we will not fly


  1. In the days leading up to Sullivan's death, and now especially in the days following, I've been dwelling on the shadow of attachment... how we form our tethers despite knowing time will inevitably fray and break them... how the joy of attachment is borrowed, and it comes due all at once. It's hard to remember flying when I'm untangling myself from the trees.

    I really love your poetry. I'm glad you've been writing and sharing it.

    1. Thanks, Mike! Funny how you never know how something is going to fall with someone else. I wrote a draft of this a couple of weeks ago, then edited it some and put it up yesterday, even though I wasn't super happy with it, but I didn't feel like I'd written anything else better lately and I wanted to keep up with the weekly posting commitment. I guess attachment and loss are on my mind lately. I have another poem on the topic in the works.

      Glad this one struck a chord. So sorry for your loss. Sully will be missed.